FW friction welding for reducing manufacturing costs
1. Available materials and products to be treated and how to process
FW friction welding is high-quality pressure welding method that heats contact surfaces with friction heat produced by rotation and joins the surfaces at solid phase at temperature just below the melting point. This method is used for tool materials and parts. It is preferable to weld materials that have melting points close to each other but this method still demonstrates its power to weld different kinds of materials. Usually, hot die steels and high-speed steels are welded for cutting tools materials. It is applicable to welding of high-speed steels and structural steels, but welding of high-speed steels and hot die steels are better in terms of tempering afterward. Our company has welded stainless steels and aluminum alloy, steels and copper alloy and other material combination.

2. Available size
Diameters of treatment surfaces must be within eight to 65. However, maximum diameter varies depending on materials. In case of high-speed steels, the diameter is 60. Welding of pipe shaped-materials is also available.

3. Facilities
IZUMI FW60H   Examples of welded tools and parts
Facility Name Number of Equipment
FW70U 1
FW60H 2
FW30H 1
FW15U 1
Continuous annealing furnace 1

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