Corporate History
May 1956 Established limited company in order to operate heat treatment of high-quality special steel products, including cutting tools, plastic processing tools, molding tools and other products using salt baths in Tsukagoshi, Kawasaki City
Jun. 1958 Changed organization type to stock company and relocated factory to current location
Mar. 1967 Commended by governor of Tokyo as role model factory in conducting streamlined management
Jun. 1969 Started FW friction welding operations
Nov. 1969 Commended by Director-General of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency as role model factory conducting streamlined management
Apr. 1971 Started vacuum heat treatment operations in addition to existing salt bath operations by introducing vacuum heat treatment furnaces
Aug. 1972 Became a factory approved to display JIS marks issued only for products that conform to JISB 6913 as specified in Article 25 of the Industrial Standardization Act
Apr. 1986 Switched salt-bath nitrocarburizing treatment to gas nitrocarburizing by introducing gas nitrocarburizing furnace (DRINITE)
Oct. 1987 Founder Motoyuki Kamijima commended by governor of Tokyo as contributor to Tokyo achieving results that contribute to promotion of small and medium enterprises
Aug. 1988 Started TiN coating (Ti-COAT N) by introducing ion plating equipment
May 1996 Started TiCN coating (Ti-COAT CN) by introducing second ion plating equipment
Jul. 1996 Started WPC treatment operations after obtaining WPC treatment license
Nov. 1996 Factory Manager Seio Asuke commended by the Minister of Labor asContemporary Master Craftsman
Jul. 1998 Became Japan's first company specialized in heat treatment to obtain ISO 9001 certification
Dec. 1999 Became Japan's first company specialized in heat treatment to obtain ISO 14001 certification
Jun. 2009 JIS Q 9100(AS-QMS) certificated
Nov. 2010 Deputy Factory Manager Mitsuyuki Kubotera commended by Minister ofLabor as Contemporary Master Craftsman

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